Entry #14 ###X###


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My heart dropped.

My head pounded.

I stared at him.

Too scared to move, blink, and breathe.

“What did he say?” I managed to choke out.

“He… He told me a story,” Tyler said.

“Which involves?” I asked.

“I don’t know,” he said.

“What was the rest?” I asked.

“He came into my head. Told me that he is ‘Always watching always watching always watching’. He repeated it over, and over, and over, until I couldn’t take his voice. I just sat there screaming. ‘Always watching, always watching, always watching’. Just over and over. It filled my head. It was like a little bug. Then it stopped. All of the sudden there was an instant screech in my ear. Like the interference noise on the phone that night?” he told me.

I remembered the noise. Quite like that of a radio. I remember holding my phone away from my ear and contorting my face.

The thought of the noise made me quiver.

“‘Bring them to me.’ he said. ‘Bring.’ he told me. ‘I need to feel their pain. To cause it. Bring them to me.’. He kept repeating that and ‘Always watching’. I blacked out after. That’s when I think he hit me. The gashes in our foreheads? knocked us right out. He’s got our blood now, Siara.” Tyler told me.

I recapped.

‘Bring them  to me’ I thought.

I calmed down Tyler and eventually just went to sleep.

Except this time I couldn’t sleep.

Tonight was different.

He was in my room.


Entry #13 (Tyler’s Story)


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His breathing got heavy.

His hands shaking.

He started sweating.

His eyes darted around the room and out the window and back to me.

He took a deep breath and began:

“I was in my room. I had been staring out there all night. Waiting, knowing he’d be out there. And he came. Walked right out of the trees. I looked at him. Stared at him. Studied him for about an hour. He just stood there.  Staring at me with… No face. I opened my window and yelled at him. ‘Hey!’ I yelled. ‘Leave me alone!!’ I yelled again. Nothing. No movement. He just.. stood there. I got angry. I got angry and started swearing and yelling, calling him names and telling The Man to leave me alone. I got so angry I grabbed my jacket and phone so I could call you if anything went wrong and I went outside. I got about five feet from him and that’s when I called you.” He said.

I replayed the phone conversation in my head.

He’s right in front of me…

He breathed and started again.

“I still couldn’t see his face. I tried to look but whenever I did I got  this overwhelming fear inside me. Burning. Growing. I knew it was evil. He was evil. Like the Devil, himself. I tried getting closer. Three feet this time and I felt him grab my face and throw me on the ground. His limbs stretched. He had limbs that weren’t there before, Siara! They weren’t there! And they just appeared.” He stopped.

“Can you tell me anything else, Tyler? Anything at all before I showed up there?” I asked hopefully.

“Yeah,” he said. “He talked to me.”

Entry #12


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I woke up to Tyler puking.

“Tyler can you please tell me what you saw?” I asked.

He made a slight noise and threw up again.

My phone rang. It was my mom.

I answered.

“Honey, your dad and are going to the city for a few days. I left you some money on the table, ok? Love you.” she said and hung up.

I looked at Tyler again.

“I can’t be alone…” he whispered.

“My parents will be going away for a few days. Do you want to stay with me?” I asked.

He nodded.

I let him sit and puke at the toilet and I packed his suitcase with clothing items and any necessary toiletries and shoved it in my car.

I had to go get him.

“I need you to help me ok? I need you to stand up.” I told him.

I put his arm around my shoulder and helped him into my car and put his seat belt on.

I started my car and decided to take the back roads to my house.

Everything went fine until we got to my house.

We went in and sat in my room.

I laid him down.

“Tyler… I need you to tell me what you saw.” I repeated.

You wouldn’t believe what he told me…

Entry #11


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I was screaming…

Screaming and searching for his face….

It wasn’t there… 

He was so tall and I couldn’t see his face…

I blacked out.


Several hours have passed now and I shook awake.

I was at Tyler’s house. In his bed. I have no idea how I got here.

I felt the lamp on the side of his bed for the switch and turned it on.

I startled myself when I saw all of the blood on my hands.


I went out the door to find him sitting outside of the door. His face was covered with dried blood.

I touched him and he shook awake.

Tyler how did we get here?

“…” He stared at me.

“Tyler.” I repeated.

“Tyler how did we end up at your house?”

“…” He just kept staring. His eyes fixed on my face and he was not blinking.

It was like he was paralyzed. 

I studied him. I heard his throat make a slight noise and then he threw up.

I got him up and to the bathroom and leaned him on the toilet.

I went to get him a glass of water and I caught myself in the mirror. 

I had a gash going diagonal across my forehead. Similar to that of Tyler’s.

I threw up.

I had to get Tyler to talk so I could find out exactly what happened.

I passed out again. 


Entry #10


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I dropped my phone.
I grabbed my keys.
I was out the door.
I sped to Tyler’s house and went up to his room.
He was gone.
I called him.
His phone rang ad then cut out. Rang, and then cut out. Then rang and kept ringing.
Tyler answered with a heavy voice. “Hello?”
Tyler… What the fuck.
“Siara… I need you to come here. I need you to come get me. I’m alone. And my face… It’s bleeding.” he started to shake.
Tyler where are you?
“I’m in the woods by my house. Like behind the shed almost by the street lamp where we always see The Man.” he whispered.
I went out where he had said he was and found him lying on the ground.
“Siara….” he cut off.
Tyler.. Just shhh.
He passed out.
I was alone in the woods right by the street lamp where I had last seen The Man.
The Man that I wasn’t sure exist or not. The Man that seems so real but so fake all at one time.
I heard a noise behind me and I quick turned around to see none other then The Man…

Entry #9


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I haven’t talked to Tyler in a few days…

Almost a week…

But something has been happening.

There have been some dreams. Vivid dreams. Dreams about me just running in the woods. Dreams about Tyler and I running. Dreams about The Man. Dreams about Tyler and I running from The Man, and me trying to see his face. Running forward but looking back to see him stretching limbs that were never there before. Dreams about The Man talking. His voice is like an interference on a radio. I can’t hear words but I know he’s talking.

I lose sleep every night…

These dreams are so vivid.

I had one where I was in Tyler’s body, I saw The Man, instantly paralyzed. Instantly taken aback. The Man came closer and with each step The Man took, the more blurry his face became.

My phone shook me awake.

Hello? I answered.

I only heard breathing.

Tyler? I called.

“He’s right in front of me,” Tyler whispered.

Entry #8


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Tyler… Calm down and get away from the  window…

“HE’S OUT THERE! HE’S OUT THERE! OH MY GOD!” Tyler screamed.


I grabbed him and I got him to the bed.

He scratched my arm in three swift rips on my skin.

He was crying.

I looked out the window and The Man was gone.

Tyler, he’s gone.

He was shaking.

“I can’t stop seeing his image, Siara. His face… It’s not there. His limbs… So long and so slender. Every time I see him I get scared and I just pray to God that he doesn’t see me.. But he does, Siara! Every fucking time! Looks right at me and I can’t see his face! He has no eyes or mouth or nose and I can’t ever get close enough because I became paralyzed with fear. I can’t see his face.. I can’t see his face…” Tyler repeated shaking.

It could be just a man, Tyler. Just coincidence that he just lives around here-

“NO!” Tyler yelled. “NO, Siara. No man is eight feet tall! That’s not normal, Siara! He’s here every night and I can’t sleep. My eyes are constantly out the window and I can’t get him, or, it out my head. I drive and I look for him. Sometimes I pull over to look in the trees. I CAN’T EVEN LIVE NORMAL, SIARA! Do you not get that!?” He shouted.


“Just go” He said.

I stared at him.

“Leave!” He shouted.

And without another word I was gone.

Entry # 7

“Siara,” Tyler repeated. “I can’t go anywhere-” his voice trailed off and his eyes to the window.

My eyes followed his path.

Outside the window, under the street light, was a man. An unusually tall man, with a suit on. He was almost as tall as the lamp post.


He was screaming…

Entry # 6

I’m sweating… My hands are shaking…

I’m scared for my life

He’s not fucking real.. He’s not fucking real… I keep telling myself.

But I know I’m only lying to myself…

I get out of bed, pace the floors, look out the window, shut the curtains, open the curtains and look out the window, and close them again. I do this until my phone rings.

It was Tyler.

Hello? I said.

“Siara… Siara, can you come over? Please, Siara… I can’t sleep. I’m going-”

The phone cut out. It made this weird interference name and then got quiet…

I could hear breathing.

“Siara?” it was Tyler. “What the fuck..”

“On my way.” I told him and hung up.

I stuffed clothes in my pack and grabbed my keys. I had to push my car so my parents wouldn’t wake up.

I got out of the driveway and started it.

As I drove the twenty minutes to Tyler’s house, I scanned the trees and street lights for anything unusual.

I only scared myself.

I got to his house and went to his room to see a mark on his window and him cross legged on the floor with his face and hands all bloody,


Entry #5


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Tyler is here.

We met yesterday.

Just as perfect, if not more perfect, in person.

He told me he was relieved to be away from the man.

I stayed at his house.

Things went great.

I woke up at around 4:30 a.m to Tyler looking out the window feverishly. I asked him what he was doing.

“He’s out there. He’s out there, Siara. I saw him.” he said.

You saw him? I asked

“Yes. He was looking in the window. He was standing right here.” he said not taking his eyes from the outside world.

Where? I asked making my way to the window.

“Right here,” he said touching the glass. “His face was almost touching the window.”

Tyler… Your house is two stories high… There’s no way.

“His face was almost touching the window,” he repeated. “Right here.”