I’m sweating… My hands are shaking…

I’m scared for my life

He’s not fucking real.. He’s not fucking real… I keep telling myself.

But I know I’m only lying to myself…

I get out of bed, pace the floors, look out the window, shut the curtains, open the curtains and look out the window, and close them again. I do this until my phone rings.

It was Tyler.

Hello? I said.

“Siara… Siara, can you come over? Please, Siara… I can’t sleep. I’m going-”

The phone cut out. It made this weird interference name and then got quiet…

I could hear breathing.

“Siara?” it was Tyler. “What the fuck..”

“On my way.” I told him and hung up.

I stuffed clothes in my pack and grabbed my keys. I had to push my car so my parents wouldn’t wake up.

I got out of the driveway and started it.

As I drove the twenty minutes to Tyler’s house, I scanned the trees and street lights for anything unusual.

I only scared myself.

I got to his house and went to his room to see a mark on his window and him cross legged on the floor with his face and hands all bloody,