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Tyler… Calm down and get away from the  window…

“HE’S OUT THERE! HE’S OUT THERE! OH MY GOD!” Tyler screamed.


I grabbed him and I got him to the bed.

He scratched my arm in three swift rips on my skin.

He was crying.

I looked out the window and The Man was gone.

Tyler, he’s gone.

He was shaking.

“I can’t stop seeing his image, Siara. His face… It’s not there. His limbs… So long and so slender. Every time I see him I get scared and I just pray to God that he doesn’t see me.. But he does, Siara! Every fucking time! Looks right at me and I can’t see his face! He has no eyes or mouth or nose and I can’t ever get close enough because I became paralyzed with fear. I can’t see his face.. I can’t see his face…” Tyler repeated shaking.

It could be just a man, Tyler. Just coincidence that he just lives around here-

“NO!” Tyler yelled. “NO, Siara. No man is eight feet tall! That’s not normal, Siara! He’s here every night and I can’t sleep. My eyes are constantly out the window and I can’t get him, or, it out my head. I drive and I look for him. Sometimes I pull over to look in the trees. I CAN’T EVEN LIVE NORMAL, SIARA! Do you not get that!?” He shouted.


“Just go” He said.

I stared at him.

“Leave!” He shouted.

And without another word I was gone.