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I haven’t talked to Tyler in a few days…

Almost a week…

But something has been happening.

There have been some dreams. Vivid dreams. Dreams about me just running in the woods. Dreams about Tyler and I running. Dreams about The Man. Dreams about Tyler and I running from The Man, and me trying to see his face. Running forward but looking back to see him stretching limbs that were never there before. Dreams about The Man talking. His voice is like an interference on a radio. I can’t hear words but I know he’s talking.

I lose sleep every night…

These dreams are so vivid.

I had one where I was in Tyler’s body, I saw The Man, instantly paralyzed. Instantly taken aback. The Man came closer and with each step The Man took, the more blurry his face became.

My phone shook me awake.

Hello? I answered.

I only heard breathing.

Tyler? I called.

“He’s right in front of me,” Tyler whispered.