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I dropped my phone.
I grabbed my keys.
I was out the door.
I sped to Tyler’s house and went up to his room.
He was gone.
I called him.
His phone rang ad then cut out. Rang, and then cut out. Then rang and kept ringing.
Tyler answered with a heavy voice. “Hello?”
Tyler… What the fuck.
“Siara… I need you to come here. I need you to come get me. I’m alone. And my face… It’s bleeding.” he started to shake.
Tyler where are you?
“I’m in the woods by my house. Like behind the shed almost by the street lamp where we always see The Man.” he whispered.
I went out where he had said he was and found him lying on the ground.
“Siara….” he cut off.
Tyler.. Just shhh.
He passed out.
I was alone in the woods right by the street lamp where I had last seen The Man.
The Man that I wasn’t sure exist or not. The Man that seems so real but so fake all at one time.
I heard a noise behind me and I quick turned around to see none other then The Man…