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I was screaming…

Screaming and searching for his face….

It wasn’t there… 

He was so tall and I couldn’t see his face…

I blacked out.


Several hours have passed now and I shook awake.

I was at Tyler’s house. In his bed. I have no idea how I got here.

I felt the lamp on the side of his bed for the switch and turned it on.

I startled myself when I saw all of the blood on my hands.


I went out the door to find him sitting outside of the door. His face was covered with dried blood.

I touched him and he shook awake.

Tyler how did we get here?

“…” He stared at me.

“Tyler.” I repeated.

“Tyler how did we end up at your house?”

“…” He just kept staring. His eyes fixed on my face and he was not blinking.

It was like he was paralyzed. 

I studied him. I heard his throat make a slight noise and then he threw up.

I got him up and to the bathroom and leaned him on the toilet.

I went to get him a glass of water and I caught myself in the mirror. 

I had a gash going diagonal across my forehead. Similar to that of Tyler’s.

I threw up.

I had to get Tyler to talk so I could find out exactly what happened.

I passed out again.