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I woke up to Tyler puking.

“Tyler can you please tell me what you saw?” I asked.

He made a slight noise and threw up again.

My phone rang. It was my mom.

I answered.

“Honey, your dad and are going to the city for a few days. I left you some money on the table, ok? Love you.” she said and hung up.

I looked at Tyler again.

“I can’t be alone…” he whispered.

“My parents will be going away for a few days. Do you want to stay with me?” I asked.

He nodded.

I let him sit and puke at the toilet and I packed his suitcase with clothing items and any necessary toiletries and shoved it in my car.

I had to go get him.

“I need you to help me ok? I need you to stand up.” I told him.

I put his arm around my shoulder and helped him into my car and put his seat belt on.

I started my car and decided to take the back roads to my house.

Everything went fine until we got to my house.

We went in and sat in my room.

I laid him down.

“Tyler… I need you to tell me what you saw.” I repeated.

You wouldn’t believe what he told me…