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His breathing got heavy.

His hands shaking.

He started sweating.

His eyes darted around the room and out the window and back to me.

He took a deep breath and began:

“I was in my room. I had been staring out there all night. Waiting, knowing he’d be out there. And he came. Walked right out of the trees. I looked at him. Stared at him. Studied him for about an hour. He just stood there.  Staring at me with… No face. I opened my window and yelled at him. ‘Hey!’ I yelled. ‘Leave me alone!!’ I yelled again. Nothing. No movement. He just.. stood there. I got angry. I got angry and started swearing and yelling, calling him names and telling The Man to leave me alone. I got so angry I grabbed my jacket and phone so I could call you if anything went wrong and I went outside. I got about five feet from him and that’s when I called you.” He said.

I replayed the phone conversation in my head.

He’s right in front of me…

He breathed and started again.

“I still couldn’t see his face. I tried to look but whenever I did I got  this overwhelming fear inside me. Burning. Growing. I knew it was evil. He was evil. Like the Devil, himself. I tried getting closer. Three feet this time and I felt him grab my face and throw me on the ground. His limbs stretched. He had limbs that weren’t there before, Siara! They weren’t there! And they just appeared.” He stopped.

“Can you tell me anything else, Tyler? Anything at all before I showed up there?” I asked hopefully.

“Yeah,” he said. “He talked to me.”