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My heart dropped.

My head pounded.

I stared at him.

Too scared to move, blink, and breathe.

“What did he say?” I managed to choke out.

“He… He told me a story,” Tyler said.

“Which involves?” I asked.

“I don’t know,” he said.

“What was the rest?” I asked.

“He came into my head. Told me that he is ‘Always watching always watching always watching’. He repeated it over, and over, and over, until I couldn’t take his voice. I just sat there screaming. ‘Always watching, always watching, always watching’. Just over and over. It filled my head. It was like a little bug. Then it stopped. All of the sudden there was an instant screech in my ear. Like the interference noise on the phone that night?” he told me.

I remembered the noise. Quite like that of a radio. I remember holding my phone away from my ear and contorting my face.

The thought of the noise made me quiver.

“‘Bring them to me.’ he said. ‘Bring.’ he told me. ‘I need to feel their pain. To cause it. Bring them to me.’. He kept repeating that and ‘Always watching’. I blacked out after. That’s when I think he hit me. The gashes in our foreheads? knocked us right out. He’s got our blood now, Siara.” Tyler told me.

I recapped.

‘Bring them  to me’ I thought.

I calmed down Tyler and eventually just went to sleep.

Except this time I couldn’t sleep.

Tonight was different.

He was in my room.