Entry #4


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He filled me in on his little… Issue…

He said that there is this man…

A tall, skinny fellow; black tux; long arms… Unusually tall.

He said that he feels.. Threatened.. In a stalked kind of way…

I told him to keep me filled in…

Also, because of this.. Fellow..

Tyler is moving.

Near me.

20 minutes away to be exact.

We will be meeting then


Entry #3



It has been a while since I have said anything.

I was on vacation.

A vacation from reality.

Tyler and I have been conversing through text message frequently. He and i have a…. special relationship.

I know you all are waiting but details are not in order.

He knows all of my flaws and things I’ve done and am doing.

And I know all of his.




I checked the social network everyone uses called Facebook. Looked through the endless quotes, and annoying statuses. On to my notifications. Then one friend request…


His picture was him shirtless holding a digital camera and his shaggy hair made me more observant.

He was perfect.

I was interested.